Our Fleet

Our Tilt Tray Fleet

Tamworth Tilt Trays use a versatile tilt tray fleet, allowing us to safely carry anything up to 12 tonnes all across NSW. Our fleet would be nothing without our experienced drivers, who collectively bring many decades of experienced driving in some of the harshest terrain with fragile materials. You can be rest assured that your equipment and valuable possessions are in safe hands when you use the highly capable team at Tamworth Tilt Trays.

For more information about our fleet, our capabilities or our drivers, please contact us on 0427 456 722.

Our current fleet includes:

  • Isuzu tilt tray, equipped to carry up to 6.5 tonnes
  • Nissan UD tilt tray, equipped to carry up to 12 tonnes

Our tilt tray trucks are equipped with professional winching equipment, rated to pull vehicles of nearly all shapes and sizes. If you’ve got machinery or a vehicle that can’t get going, we’ll winch it up safely and efficiently without a struggle. Each of our trucks has three seats so we can bring you to the drop off as well!

When you call to book a tilt tray or tow, we’ll ask you some questions about your load so that we can determine which vehicle in our fleet will be best suited. If you require transportation for machinery, equipment or vehicles but are uncertain of the weight and dimension then we are able to assist.

In addition to machinery, equipment and vehicles, we can also cart shipping containers, caravans and boats. We use special satellite tracking to determine the exact distance and hours that our drivers travel, ensuring that our pricing is fair and accurate. We can also provide you with an quote of the transport / delivery costs when you call to book.

Tamworth Tilt Trays

For more information about Tamworth Tilt Trays and our full range of services, contact us on 0427 456 722.

Our Gallery

Tamworth Tilt Trays Transport Gallery

The team at Tamworth Tilt Trays have been transporting vehicles, machinery, equipment, goods and shipping containers across New South Wales for almost two decades. During that time, we have had the opportunity to cart a lot of unique or unusual items that have required ‘out of the box’ solutions. Browse our gallery to view our fleet as well as some of the more complex and interesting jobs we’ve worked on, to give you a better understanding of our capabilities.

If you’d like more information or would like to request an estimate for your own transport or carting job, please contact us on 0427 456 722.

General Carting

Tamworth Tilt Tray Hire & General Carting

Tamworth Tilt Trays provide tilt tray hire from Tamworth to many destinations. Our team of experienced drivers have driven in harsh terrain across Australia collectively for decades and take extra caution to ensure your cargo is safe and secure. We plan diligently to deliver to schedule and treat your equipment with the respect it deserves. Contact with our friendly team on 0427 456 722 to get an over the phone quote on pick-up and delivery services.

Items we haul include:

  • Agricultural equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Mining equipment
  • Skip bins and containers
  • And much more

If you’d like container hire or transport, read more about our container hire, purchase and transportation services. 

In the decades of experience our drivers have on the roads, there’s not much we haven’t hauled yet. You can trust us to take care with your cargo and choose the most efficient vehicle for the job. We’re capable of carrying anything from 1 to 12 tonnes, giving us the versatility to carry just about anything, while insuring we minimise costs for our customers wherever possible.

Our truck have three seats which allows us to give the customer a lift with their vehicle.   Further, our fleet are satellite tracked for time and distance, allowing us to provide you with accurate invoicing without unexpected costs.

Outstanding Safety:

Safety is paramount to us at Tamworth Tilt Trays. We take extra caution when securing your load to ensure it gets to the destination safely without any damage. Our drivers are all experienced with extensive experience driving in harsh terrains. If necessary, we’ll develop a specialised route to get your equipment to where it needs to be as quickly as possible.

Tamworth Tilt Tray Hire

For more information about Tamworth Tilt Trays and our full range of tilt tray hire services, please contact on 0427 456 722.

Machinery Carting

Tamworth Machinery Transport

Tamworth Tilt Trays are a Tamworth machinery transport provider, delivering specialised agricultural and industrial equipment across New South Wales. We’re staffed with a team of drivers who pride themselves on attention to detail and caution, keeping your machinery safe and delivered on time. We keep our equipment well maintained for reliable delivery.

Contact us on 0427 456 722 to book in a pick-up and delivery of your equipment from our friendly Tamworth team.

Our trucks are capable of carrying up to 12 tonnes in cargo; visit our fleet page for more information. Don’t have your machinery weight and dimensions on hand? Provide us with a model number and we’ll find a suitable truck for your equipment. We track our trucks via satellite for time and distance, allowing us to give you highly accurate quotes over the phone and detailed invoicing with no over-charging.

Types of machinery we carry:

  • Forklifts
  • Diggers & excavators
  • Scissor lifts
  • Tractors
  • Mining equipment
  • Generators
  • Agricultural machinery

Further, we also offer container hire, purchasing and delivery if you’d like a permanent storage solution for your machinery.

Outstanding Safety:

Safe and proper loading is paramount when loading fragile machinery, parts and equipment, which is why we emphasise the importance of diligence and care when handling your machinery. You can expect us to treat your machinery like it was our own and use professional securing techniques, cautious driving and attention to detail to ensure it gets to your location in one piece. Further, we’re meticulous in our route planning and tailor a safer journey to suit any extra bulky or fragile material when necessary.

Tamworth Machinery Transport

For more information about Tamworth Tilt Trays and our full range of machinery transport services, please contact us on 0427 456 722.

Vehicle Carting

Tamworth Vehicle Transport

Tamworth Tilt Trays are a reputable tilt tray operator servicing New South Wales and providing efficient vehicle transport services. Our team of skilled drivers are experts in the field, with decades of experience driving in some of the harshest environments across NSW with fragile equipment. We pride ourselves on attention to detail, safety and efficiency and strive to ensure your vehicle gets to your desired destination safely and on time. We go anywhere and treat your vehicle as if it were our own.

Speak to one of our friendly team by giving us a call on 0427 456 722 to arrange a pick up and drop off.

Our fleet

Our current fleet includes tilt tray models capable of carrying up to 12 tonnes, allowing us to select the most efficient truck for your needs. Aren’t sure of your car’s dimensions and weight? Simply tell us the make and model and we’ll be able to put together an accurate over the phone estimate for you. Further, all our trucks are satellite-tracked for the most accurate time and distance invoicing without any unexpected charges.

Types of vehicles we transport include:

  • Boats
  • Bikes
  • Caravans
  • Cars and utes
  • Trucks

Car won’t start? Our trucks are equipped with professional winching equipment, allowing us to safely and efficiently get your vehicle on board. Our trucks are three-seaters, so we can give you a lift back into town if you’ve been stranded. We’re regularly called for break-down transport to Muswellbrook, Singleton, Armidale, Gunnedah and other local towns.

Outstanding Safety:

We place safety and load security above all else at Tamworth Tilt Trays, taking extra caution to ensure your cargo isn’t damaged or loaded unsafely for other road users. Some of our drivers have decades of experience in the trucking and transport industry, and all our drivers are qualified to drive our equipment. We have experience driving in harsh terrains and diligently plan out routes before driving bulky or fragile equipment to ensure it gets to your destination safely and efficiently.

Tamworth Vehicle Transportation

For more information about Tamworth Tilt Trays and our full range of vehicle transportation services, please contact on 0427 456 722.

Shipping Containers

Shipping Container Transport Services

Tamworth Tilt Trays provide shipping container transport services all across NSW. We’re a family-owned team of expert operators with decades of experience in driving in some of the harshest terrains across Australia. Whether you require a quick pick-up and drop-off service or shipments sent to depots or other locations, we’ve got the fleet and experience to take care of it without stress.

Contact us on  0427 456 722 to arrange shipping container transport.

Shipping Container Transport:

Our fleet includes tilt trays capable of carrying up to 12 tonnes including the container, with smaller trucks available for more efficient travel when empty. Further, all our trucks come with satellite tracking of time and distance to give our clients more accurate invoicing with no unexpected charges.

Our main clients are from Tamworth, Muswellbrook, Singleton, Armidale, Gunnedah, and other Northern NSW towns. We deliver internally across all of NSW and can arrange sub-contract delivery to anywhere in Australia. We regularly deliver to depots and other sites, in the most efficient manner whilst minimizing unnecessary delays.

Safe Transportation Guidelines:

We carefully abide by safe transportation practices, always safely securing loads to prevent danger to your cargo and other road users. We treat all cargo as if it were our own and diligently plan out routes when dealing with bulky and fragile equipment. Our team have driven across all kinds of harsh terrain and know how to plan accordingly to ensure the safe and timely delivery of your container.

Buy or Hire a Shipping Container:

We’re authorised agents for Royal Wolf shipping containers, who are one of Australia’s most well-regarded suppliers of high-quality shipping containers for all purposes. If you’d like to combine hire and transport in one, or simply want some more shipping containers, we can take care of that too! Visit our page on shipping container hiring and purchasing.

Tamworth Shipping Container Transport

For more information about Tamworth Tilt Trays and our full range of shipping container transport services, please contact on 0427 456 722.

4×4 Indistress

4×4 InDistress

Tamworth Tilt Trays are the preferred 4×4 towing partner for 4×4 InDistress, a 4WD breakdown app. We service all of Tamworth and surrounding areas, assisting 4WD owners to transport their vehicle and caravan if necessary, back to a repairer.  Our tilt tray vehicles have additional seating allowing facility to bring the occupants of the vehicle with us.

If you require assistance or would like to request a quote, please contact Tamworth Tilt Trays on 0427 456 722.

The 4×4 InDistress App:

4×4 InDistress is a popular app for 4WD and Caravan enthusiasts giving you access to a community of other 4×4 drivers who share their experiences and advice. Its also an app for when you require assistance, the app then sends you help.

It is a great app and we are proud to be the recommended tow provider for the Tamworth region. Sometimes, no amount of advice will change the fact that your car has broken down and you need a tow to the closest mechanic. Give Tamworth Tilt Trays a call on 0427 456 722 and we will come and tow you safety.

Tamworth Tilt Trays

For more information about Tamworth Tilt Trays and our full range of products and services, please contact on 0427 456 722.