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About Tamworth Tilt Trays

Tamworth Tilt Trays provide transportation services for machinery, equipment, vehicles, boats, shipping containers and more. We service all of NSW, delivering almost anywhere. Our tilt trays are capable of carting anywhere from 1-12 tonnes and our experienced drivers are well experienced and insured.

We are a small locally owned and family run business operating since 2000.

For more information about our business or our services, please contact on 0427 456 722.

Transport Services:

Whether you need a tractor, a caravan, a forklift or a shipping container transported, Tamworth Tilt Trays can assist you. Our fleet includes options to suit a wide range of machinery and equipment and we can cater up to 12 tonnes in one load. If you are uncertain about the weight and dimensions of your vehicle, equipment or machinery we can assist you.

Shipping Container:

Tamworth Tilt Trays buys, sells, rents and transports shipping containers.  If you purchased the container and are done with it, then we will happily buy it back from you.

Safety First:

The safety of our staff, our vehicles and our cargo are taken very seriously by Tamworth Tilt Trays. We have processes in place that ensure that each load is properly secured and won’t move, even during long distance hauls or on rougher terrain. We also service our vehicles regularly, ensuring that we meet and exceed all manufacturer servicing requirements – leading to less chances of breakdowns or delayed delivery.

Get an Estimate

Contact with Tamworth Tilt Trays on 0427 456 722 to request an quote for any of our transportation or shipping container services.