4×4 Indistress
Close Up Of The Wheel Which Got Stuck In Car Dirt.

4×4 InDistress

Tamworth Tilt Trays are the preferred 4×4 towing partner for 4×4 InDistress, a 4WD breakdown app. We service all of Tamworth and surrounding areas, assisting 4WD owners to transport their vehicle and caravan if necessary, back to a repairer.  Our tilt tray vehicles have additional seating allowing facility to bring the occupants of the vehicle with us.

If you require assistance or would like to request a quote, please contact Tamworth Tilt Trays on 0427 456 722.

The 4×4 InDistress App:

4×4 InDistress is a popular app for 4WD and Caravan enthusiasts giving you access to a community of other 4×4 drivers who share their experiences and advice. Its also an app for when you require assistance, the app then sends you help.

It is a great app and we are proud to be the recommended tow provider for the Tamworth region. Sometimes, no amount of advice will change the fact that your car has broken down and you need a tow to the closest mechanic. Give Tamworth Tilt Trays a call on 0427 456 722 and we will come and tow you safety.

Tamworth Tilt Trays

For more information about Tamworth Tilt Trays and our full range of products and services, please contact on 0427 456 722.